Bob's Biddies, LLC

Backyard Grown & Backyard Hatched


Available Breeds: (February - June)

Dominiques...Buff Orpingtons...Delawares...

           & Ameracaunas                          

                                              Pullets (girls) $3.00 ea.

Cockerels (boys) $1.50 ea.*

Straight-run (not sexed) $2.00 ea.

PLUS shipping and handling

(based on your zip-code and quantity ordered)  

Minimum to ship is 25 chicks

(can mix or match but no silkies or BB's in the same box) 

        Available as Special Order, straight-run only:                      B.B. Reds (Bantam)                       Silkies (Bantam)

          Day old Bantam chicks: $4.00 ea plus shipping and handling minimum to ship is 25 chicks for safe arrival (one breed only)


Now available year round, per schedule w/3 week notice, our...

"Pasture Broilers"

Cobb 500 broiler* $1.10 ea 

(includes shipping on orders of 100 or more)

and the

"Novogen Red" Brown Egg Layer*

Pullets: $3.00ea  Roosters: $0.50ea-Plus shipping

Shipping charges based on quantity of chicks and your zipcode.

 Call for details and available hatch dates on all breeds (229)-375-1991 or E-mail us

*Discount on orders of 500 or more*

**Pick-ups available at our Farm for all breeds offered**