Bob's Biddies, LLC

Backyard Grown & Backyard Hatched

Breeds Offered

We offer:

True Dominique: Black & white domino feathers, rose comb dominant, lays med/lg brown eggs, gentle disposition.           

Buff Orpington: Royal gold color, dual purpose (meat/eggs), lays large brown eggs and mild disposition.

No longer available:New Hampshire Red: Orange/red color, dual purpose (meat/eggs), lays large to jumbo brown eggs, medium disposition. 

Ameraucana: nickname is the Easter egg chicken due to laying blue and green eggs!  Multi-colors, bearded with green feet, mild disposition.


Delaware (considered a rare breed): White with black markings, lays med/lg brown eggs, mild disposition.

Assorted Silkies (Bantam breed): These look almost furry from head to toe, very gentle**must be housed separate from any other fowl or poultry due to their gentle nature**  Make really good pets when handled early.  Available only as straight-run      

B.B. Reds (Bantam): Look just like the Welsummer but only 12" tall (roosters), they have a king size attitude for such a small bird, Available as straight-run only.  

Pasture Broiler

 Cobb 500 (White Cornish cross)

 Fast growing meat birds utilizing minimal feed, ready in as few as 6-8 weeks with no chemicals or additives.

 Novogen Red (High egg producer, very gentle)

      Brownish-red very gentle brown egg layer that is a very good producer of eggs and they start laying at about 4- 4 1/2 months. 

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***See Pricing sheet for details***